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ROI Draw

Most Region of Interest (ROI) Drawing Tools limit you to either drawing a circular ROI or a rectangular ROI perpendicular to the X-Y axis. ROI Draw’s primary purpose is to expand upon the drawing of rectangular ROI’s by allowing you to draw them at any angle.

Example image


While I was a Data Analyst at UCSD, I began work with Dr. Takeshi Yokoo on this paper. In short, the premise was to use a suite of textural features extracted from liver MRI images to assess its potential use in the evaluation of hepatic fibrosis. One of my primary contributions to this research was this tool that I created.


A major hurdle for us was that, we needed to be able to sample reasonably large portions of the liver while simultaneously avoiding fibrotic tissue and other major anatomical structures and while using rectangular ROIs (for proper analysis across the entire dataset). This meant we needed some flexibility with our ability to draw regions of interest (ROI) since we would not always conveniently be able to find perfect rectangles of liver tissue to sample.


I created the ROI Draw tool in MATLAB to give our data analysts the flexibility to create ROIs that can be drawn in any plane.

My strategy was to allow users to draw two bisecting lines to form the corners of a rectangle. Once the rectangle was created, a preview was shown to give the user freedom to move the ROI before propagating the results to an output .MAT file.


The data produced using this tool was used in producing the results of this study.


ROI Draw was an effective tool in helping to assess textural features of liver MRI.