Christopher Changchien Software & Music Developer


FourLeaf is a semi-pro/professional networking platform for musicians and music professionals.

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As CTO of FourLeaf Media Co., I worked to develop both the requirements and execution of this application.


An online platform for musicians (especially semi-pro/pro) does not exist. LinkedIn (sort of) solved this for traditional professional networking, Dribbble does this for designers, IMDB does this for filmmakers. But nothing has really taken off for musicians. Probably the most successful platform for connecting musicians is Craigslist, which is truly hit or miss.


We created FourLeaf to serve the professional music community. It culls data from your existing digital repos (youtube,soundcloud) and pairs it automatically with your professional credits via your Professional Rights Organization (PRO) like ASCAP or BMI. We do this to limit the amount of work our users have to put into generating their music profile.

We built the site using Rails/MongoDB/Angular deployed over Heroku.


We were able to build a small grassroots community of interest among pretty successful songwriters/producers in LA (writers for Bieber, Rihanna, Usher, etc.), however we pivoted from this idea quickly.


This idea is still ripe for the taking.