Christopher Changchien Software & Music Developer


My name is Christopher Changchien. I am husband to an amazing woman, Rachel, who creates awesome films over at Beachside Films.

I am a software engineer and music producer living in Los Angeles. I love creating things that people can intuitively connect with.


A Little More

I am a creative. I believe that the best things in life require a lot of work and intention to build, that noone can create amazing things in a bubble, and that every great idea stems off the root of someone else’s idea.

I am a collaborator. I believe that very few excellent things can be created by one man or woman, that to fully engage in excellence means to rely both on the talents and the criticism of others. Products are meant to be used by human beings, music is meant to be heard, and isolation only breeds a lack of perspective.

I am a scientist. I believe that information and research is meant to work cohesively with human perspective, that objectivity forms a foundational basis for the beliefs that we pour our efforts into.


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