Christopher Changchien Software & Music Developer

Hello World

My name is Chris. I am the tech co-founder of FourLeaf, and I am also first and foremost a musician. I joined FourLeaf with the hope and desire to build something that will not only help to transform elements of a broken music industry but also really add value to the countless struggling musicians in the world.

I’ll explain more about myself in future posts, but onto the nerd stuff!

What kind of web framework are you using to build FourLeaf and why?

So I decided we would use ruby-on-rails, primarily because of the state of our company. When we started it was literally just myself doing all of the programming. I had a high interest in choosing the platform that decreased development time. In my opinion, Rails is absolutely the best way to go when you are bootstrapping your company and focused more on speed than perfection. Ruby code is generally much cleaner than javascript, and rails ships with so much built-in for you already that getting a site up and running takes as little as 5 minutes.

The down side to ruby-on-rails is what I like to call the magic. That is, ruby on rails does so much for you, that it often takes a lot of googling and debugging to figure out what exactly happens when you are executing a certain line of code. Also, tied to this issue, is that customization is at times confusing because rails has a strong sense of convention over configuration. For instance, you have to be extremely careful about creating models and classes with names that mold to the rails scheme (plural, singular, etc.).